The Diet Culture Trap

It's like the parent trap but fewer Lindsay Lohan's and less enjoyment...

Seriously, if diet culture were a film I would be demanding rotten tomatoes first ever negative rating

Even my beloved Disney taught us that our waists should be a tenth of the size of our hips

And thus, we dipped a toe into diet culture

Ever since then 'be thin' has been whispered into our subconscious through the representation of the "ideal woman"

And often shouted at us from any kind of advertising, magazine, sitcom that we loved

Add a dash of generational hand-me-down beliefs and our minds are a-swirl with diet culture

An industry making trillions of pounds from creating pressure that we must be thinner, smaller, ideallier

But if you have been on diets for as long as you can remember, and you're even further from your goals...

I'm not sure it's working

Diet culture has been built around:

The next sure-fire cure to weight loss

The next product to sell us

The next FAD for us to try

So they're not just going to come out and tell us the truth:




You are perfect

As you are right now

Because the insecurities that Diet Culture reinforces in us, is what keeps the industry booming

It's a trap!

But one thing diet culture has forever over-looked is that we are REBELS


We might have had 20+ years in the Diet Culture Trap but everyday we have the chance to say


Not me

Not anymore

I want my life back


And it can be a tough road to walk down on your own, Miss Dorothy


That's why I'm here, your gentle guiding Fairy Godmother to help you find the courage, build your knowledge and reconnect with your heart to get you all the way back to your inspiring, genuine, wonderful self - your home


Because there really is

no place like home

Why Me?

I'm a Diet Culture drop out

Redefining how we think of Health and Wellbeing

It wasn't too long ago I ripped off the metaphorical dieting band-aid and 

now I want to share that incredible journey with you through Nutrition Coaching!

To help you get from continual dieting, calorie obsessing, workout despising, confidence lacking, food fearing, reflection checking, scale preoccupied - or any combination of the above...





High Vibing





You are my calling, and I'm reaaaady

Are you?

Let's take the first step on your Fresh Food Journey together

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